Pillow Feathers: Why Guys Don’t Respond

Pillow Feathers at The Pillow Sessions are lists I like to make for a quick rundown of popular questions. Today, I will list five of the main reasons why guys do not respond to a text message. I asked a couple of my closest guy friends to give their opinions, and here is what I came up with. Happy listing!

1: He’s Busy

Men are more one track minded than us females, so if he’s at work or watching sports don’t expect him to respond quickly

2: He doesn’t like texting

Believe it or not, some men just don’t like texting. Some prefer phone conversations, and some like face-to-face interactions. Yes I know it’s frustrating, but that’s usually a conversation you have in the beginning, and it’s up to you if you can handle the way your potential man does certain things

3: He’s just not that in to you

Yeah, I know – you are probably very stunning, but sometimes a man does not reply because he’s just not that in to you. Maybe it’s lack of a mental, or physical connection, or maybe he’s not in the space to converse back and forth right now. Either way if you are the one who usually initiate texts, or you’re mostly left with no response, take the hint and move on.

4: Lied about relationship status

 I know it is tough to hear the truth, but sometimes a man will get a woman’s number while being on a break from his current girlfriend, or if he is in need of an ego stroke with no intentions of actually speaking with the woman at a later date. So, if he is not replying chances are he might not even be single to begin with.

5: He is shy or nervous

I know – sounds nuts, right? You like the guy, give him your number but he plays little games and keeps you waiting for hours, sometimes days, to respond. What is up with that?  Well, I have been a victim of this once myself, so I know how terrible it can feel when a man is so intimidated by you that he tries to limit communication in hopes of not messing up a chance with you, which, in return, actually does the opposite. I know it sucks, but it’s life.

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