Self-Love? Is That A New Reality Series?

In a world where delusions are spoon fed to us on a daily, where love is buried away in to the deepest corners of our being, and hate glorified. In a world where being beautiful means being an exact replica of fake curves and edges where do I have space left for self love?  How can I feel beautiful when I look nothing like that?

Well, sure, you could save up enough money, find the perfect surgeon, and be sent home a carbon copy of everyone’s fictional perception of beauty. For a one-time payment, you could have the wonderful privilege of becoming another sheep in a lost hurdle of insecure cattle.  Here’s the paradox to that fairytale though. The fine print that no doctor or personal trainer will ever discuss with you is that anything altered externally has no guarantee of changing how you feel about yourself internally. Any method used as a combative solution for external insecurity will only give a temporary satisfaction, a false high. The truth that everyone’s is afraid to face is that we all have insecurities. From the most stunning super model to the average Joe down the block. It is human nature to magnify our flaws in our head and convince ourselves that we are not good enough. Mix all of that with harsh self-criticism, and unhealthy life choices and you have yourself about 90% of the world.

We’ve been taught from a young age how to hide our weakness, our flaws, our fears, and as adults, we’ve taught the same to our children. We have been taught how to cook, clean, read, write, and more yet no one taught us the importance of self-love. For the longest time, I have tried to find security and confidence through outside forces. Whether it was a relationship, yearning for acceptance from my parents, or starving myself to hide the same curves that society is obsessed with today, sending me in to a dark, deep depression at a young age.

After years of sadness I decided enough was enough. I read all I could on self-love and started a daily practice of meditation.  Within days, I began noticing the fleeting definition of what society considered beautiful, and the delusions slowly started to wear off.  I started to view the world differently. I knew trends came and went, but internal acceptance would solidify my foundation. I fed the child inside of me the attention it was deprived. I woke up every single morning and affirmed to myself that “I was beautiful and worthy”.

After a couple of days I noticed my whole life changing around me.  Of course self-love is underrated in a society that hides truths and promotes lies. I am here to tell you as a person who is considered conventionally “beautiful” and is praised daily for irrelevant external assets that the world’s perception of you will never hold as much weight as the internal perception of yourself. Never believe that you are anything less than perfect. Every single human being has a unique gift to offer the world, but to tap into that power; you must look within, and find love for yourself first.

P.S.:  “I have an every day religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”

–Lucille Bell

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