Poetry Sessions: Pro-Soul

When stripped of race, color, class, and religion, which being shines brightest?
As pitch darkness consumes you in a blackened room, which corner is the sharpest?
Lost in the shallow waters of the Atlantic, which direction should you take?
Blind in a card game, which move should you make?
In the fight against racism, which stance should you take?
Pro-Soul 2000px-Decorative_text_divider_-_central_flare.svg.png
Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!
had a really early doctor’s appointment this morning, so I had a couple minutes to myself. While in the doctor’s bland, cold, lifeless check-up room,  I was inspired to write a quick poem about racism. I know that racism is deeply embedded in our society, so a quick poem won’t do such a timeless issue much justice, but here’s just a small preview of my stance on such a painful topic. 
I believe fighting hate with hate will do nothing. Once we focus on the color of the soul and less about color of our skin, we’ll start walking on our own and stop letting hate and society control our emotions like blinded sheep. If you put people of every color, religion, social class, and more in a darkened room, what would divide us?
How would we know who was who?
We wouldn’t.
When I speak with someone, I always try to see past what they say. I try to look in their eyes and find that person’s soul through their human facade. I advise everyone to do the same. We could fight, get angry, cause riots, and more, but we’d just be engaging in a never-ending cycle.
We’ve tried it all before – it’s time to switch it up.

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