Poetry Sessions: Conversations with myself

I looked in the mirror and I asked my soul to speak

It told me,

“to stay optimistic and you shall never succumb to the weak”

I asked,

“why the world was filled with poverty, pain and sorrow?”

It said,

“because the people have lost the joy for tomorrow

I asked,

“why humanity is struggling to find peace?”

It said,

“that the majority are driven by ego, selfishness, and greed”

Saddened, I replied,

“what can I do to change it?”

It said,

“to find world peace,

one must tackle first its own needs.

For the pain to cease and joy to increase,

you shall go within,

find the wisdom and then come without.

Carry on in life,

eliminating any self doubt.

Understand that all of the secrets are found inside.

That’s where past life, past love, and answers thrive

Progression is to live, laugh and strive,

Finding your inner calm will reflect on to the world

A soothing ray comforting each boy and girl

Explore your inner voice and genuinely realize

that you’re here for a reason.

Not just living,

but ALIVE.”

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