Twin Flame

Sacred words never meant for mortal eyes.

Rest unspoken, but always felt through vibes.

But we have met before

A hundred thousand times,

this I know for sure.

As sure as the sunrise,

you are mine.

Mine in the way I hold you in my thoughts.

Mine in the way we share the same heart.

Mine in the way my thoughts wander to yours.

Souls entwined,

across distant shores.

When I speak, you listen.

I am yours.

Never to be severed the cords binding us.

In love and in trust, with our angels guiding us.

Clear channels of energy felt, soaring through and within.

As your presence plays a melody from my Soul’s violin.

On the other end of the globe across oceans and seas,

Without a doubt, I can wholeheartedly agree

That I am you,

and you are me.

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