Poetry Sessions: Resentment

I resented the flower for its vibrant color

I resented the swing for its predictable motion

I resented the tree for its rooted stability

For I had lost mine after my divorce


I resented his smile as I frowned

His vitality, as all of mine was gone

The personal goals he selfishly set for himself

His optimism, as he pretended to have it all

Lost identity came before my complete fall


As a couple of months went by,

The gnawing pain began to subside.

I looked under my insomnia-plagued bed and there I found the dusty shell of my former self.

I brushed it off and tried it on for size

In my previous phase, while in a hazy state,

I learned that resentment only grows where imbalance shows.


I stepped into my backyard later that day meeting a brightly colored blue jay

It smiled at me, noticing the reawakened energy in my aura.

The aggressive reds finally turning into calm sweet blues


It is a couple years later now,

After finding the best version of me.

Finally as colorful as the flower

And as stable as the tree.


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