Poetry Sessions: Bar Tales

I sat on a wooden barstool one chilly night.

Not to drink, but to observe.

I saw an older woman to the left of me,

Vivacious red lipstick dancing on her full lips.

Gloomy expression on her face.

she had scars that the best make up couldn’t cover.

So she drank the pain away

I saw an old businessman to the right of me.

Tailored to perfection, he slowly sipped on whiskey, light on the rocks.

He chased monetary success his entire life, only to discover that happiness was priceless.

So he drank his pain away

As I got up to leave

I saw a stunning young woman in a shiny gold dress, gliding on the dance floor.

Accompanied by a dapper man leading as she followed.

She twirled up to the bar, smile bright as can be.

Never finding love for her self,

she always settled for second place.

Scared of intimacy, married men was all she had ever chased.

So she drank her pain away.

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