Poetry Sessions: Fear Of Change


I stumbled up to the shaky cliff, knees buckling as I walked.

I looked over at the uncharted waters waving at me sarcastically, almost chuckling at my anxiety. 

I glanced deeper into the shadowy sea, scared of what was to come. 

If I jump, I risk it all: my security, familiarity, and routine.

But if stay, I risk the haunting possibilities doomed with heavy regret.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath shivering from centuries of ingrained ancestrally fear, engulfed by repetition.

Without a second thought, I jumped with all my might, springing into my new life.

As the shallow silky waters touched my skin, something unexpected happened.

Fear was replaced by therapeutic calmness washing away every flaw unaccounted for.

The fear of the leap was magnified by my mind, as the giant became but a peach. 


P.S. The only things that reside in the comfort zone are lost dreams and cigarette buds. 



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