Book Sessions: TY, updated.


Hey guys, so after a friend of mine brought it to my attention, I realized that I uploaded the wrong version of the first chapter (its been edited a bunch of times). I uploaded the first chapter again, and also some of the second chapter down below. Sorry guys.

My greatest joy in life has always been writing. I started this book entitled ‘TY’ before all of the current issues of police brutality took over the media like wildfire. Although I’ve written two books, this one is the one I’m most proud of. It touches on real life issues in a passionate way while still teaching tons of life lessons. I know how heavy this topic is, so I made sure to have plenty of comic relief along the way. Below is a summary of my book. I’ll also attach a PDF of the first chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Sammy Brown, a 17-year-old high school senior from the ghettos of Chicago, has dreams of becoming an astronaut. Head of his class with a 4.0 GPA, he was well on his way to making that dream a reality, but everything changes when Sammy misses the bus ride home and is singled out by an officer named Dan. Sammy gets shot in the back three times and is killed that day. The Chicago Police Department covers up the crime, and the guilty officer gets off without punishment.

Five years after the killing of Sammy, Officer Dan is told that he has Stage IV stomach cancer and goes into a coma shortly after his diagnosis. Immediately following, he has an out-of-body experience. Confused, he assumes that he is dreaming until two glowing guides welcome him. Convinced now that he was deceased, he enters a past life regression. The guides explain the situation and review his life with him. He is given an option that would cleanse him of his past karma. The mission will involve him reincarnating as Titan Michaels– nicknamed as Ty – an African-American boy that will face the same adversity as his victim. The objective will be for the Officer to not only see things from his victim Sammy’s perspective, but to feel things from his soul.


TY: Chapter 1: Potential and Chapter 2: Wrong Place, Wrong Time 

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