Poetry Sessions: RING POP

I give this ring as a symbol of this fear of mine. 

I offer you my respect, my passion, my convenient time

Let’s be friends. I’m not ready for commitment.

The emotions, the pain, the eventual resentment.  

Let’s just hang stress free, no rules apply. 

Hang tight, enjoy the ride, all jokes aside. 

I never had a dad growing up, I don’t know what a man is to do.

So I play games, fear change, run before the day is through. 

When I find someone I like, I sabotage it before the feelings hit.

Run fast, break left, find the exit quick. 

I’m afraid, what if she doesn’t accept my flaws? 

What if she sees through my exterior, the fear of failure and all.

Will she stay? Run away? Laugh in my face? 

If I let her into that space, in the crevice where the truth takes place. 

Can she handle it? Will she stand for it? 

When she realizes that I’m sensitive, deep, and shy 

That I hide from it all behind these depth filled eyes. 

Should I do it? Shake the fear, and take a leap?

I think it’s time I’m loved for something no one else can be….me! 

I stand up dust the dirt off my knees.

It’s time I swap this ring pop, for a real rock

Ready, set…. free. 

P.S. This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who like many of us, is deathly afraid of commitment. May he, and the rest of us find that one soul that soothes our fear and nourishes our distress.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Sessions: RING POP

  1. Excellent !!! Omg that was simply amazing. As a man who once was afraid of commitment & had metaphorically the same fears it’s blastphy to see a female to see a female write these. Well written


      1. Ironicly i recent had a dream of you & you can’t to me & spoke a powerful words… can’t remember exactly what, but you soon transformed into a owl. I immediately went to ya ig to tell you but it was deleted then I found the link in the bio which brought me to your peace abt the owl I was blown away


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