Poetry Sessions: HELEN KELLER

Darkness falls regularly, goosebumps overtake my once placid skin. 

I feel the wind swoosh by, slapping my unintended face. 

Overcome with silence, my sixth sense is heightened.

“I must feel my way through,” I whisper in my mind’s eye.

I extend my hands, feeling my way around. 

Prickly bushes wound my flesh, causing a sting so profound. 

I swallow the pain and march on trying to feel anything familiar, lost in a forest unable to hear and see, an environment so cold. Where can I be, where will it lead? 

As I rummage around, I feel a hardened object long and thick. I pick it up eagerly, it was just what I needed, a walking stick. 

I take a nervous first step, feeling the crackle of crispy leaves under my foot. 

“How will I do this? I can’t hear nor see. This is impossible, how can this be?” 

Just as hopelessness entered my spirit 

A familiar voice whispered to me

“Place your hand on your chest, do you hear that heart beat? With that you are untouchable, remarkably free, let that guide you through. Don’t overthink, just be” 

I did as I was told feeling every pulse and rhythm 

Finding the most dependable map I was no longer impaired, where I thought I needed to be it turns out, I was already there. 




P.S. We spend the majority of our existence talking, barely listening, and trying our absolute hardest to avoid feeling. Whether it be emotion, pain, even at times happiness. This poem symbolizes our need to control, and desensitize. If we just go with the flow, instead of working against it. If we just feel more and do less, we’ll discover that everything was okay all along!




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