Owls Eye View

 I met a black owl in my dream last night it gave me a message of Clairsentience. 

It told me to expect some new eyes of which I will see, the mystical, secrecy will be deceased to thee.

The power of the unimportant will become null and void.

I started floating up above with the wise creature, exploring the world from an owls eye view

My eyes adjusted to the dark seeing every object as clear as day

The hidden withered away. 

“Why me?” I asked

“why now?”

“Why ever?”

“The wisdom you hold is centuries old. Channel those words, the gems internally held, are coming to surface as your soul emerges. I’m here to guide you, tell you to slow down. Channel that power you already have, infuse it with your light and mold it with assurance. I’m a creature of the night, the holder of wisdom and truth. I cannot be deceived, misled, or misused. You hold that same wisdom young, old soul. Don’t ever play a role, be free.” He said to me.

We explored the world, different countries, over seas as I over saw how effortlessly I could sore throughout the sky without a fear of falling. I realized how much power you actually hold when fear is shaken never taught, or never told. 

As I squint my eyes floating higher, and higher in to oblivion I noticed a globe full of redish, black fog.

“Whats wrong with the Earth?

I whispered to my feathery mentor.

“Everything, and nothing at all.”He ambiguously replied as he took his near silent flight, blissfully zooming in to the sky, the nocturnal animal sped back in to the night.

P.s. This was an actual dream I had last night, and an actual message from my new wise friend. the irony? I have Ornithophobia (fear of birds) in my waking life. But the presence of this Owl was powerful, peaceful, and comfortable. The underlining message I take from this dream is that, at some point in our lives we all need to slow down, sit by a tree and watch life go by instead of the other way around. Happy Tuesday Guys !

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