She pretends to adore you while jealousy and hate seethe from her pores.

Envious of others superficial beauty, talent, and poise. 

Scorning her fellow men for their passions and joy. 

She blamed me for it all, feeling victimized at every turn.

What did I do wrong?

Was it the silver lining that I found, in the rain filled weeping clouds, right before a horrendous flood?

Or the light that I inflicted on to the globe?

Did it conflict with darkness in her soul?  

The lack came from within; therefore she demeaned and belittled everyone, and everything that she came in contact with.

Mirroring her tainted spirit.

She was spiteful at the smiling child. 

Bitter at the fulfillment of the middle aged man.

Angry at the elderly couple infused with peace.  

The lonely loner instead, walks miserably with a slouched demeanor.

She stumbles through the journey of life taking the cracked stairs, resentfully stomping on each step.

Her fuel was the hate that she spewed at the evolved, who effortlessly soar on the escalator next to her.

A scorned permanent expression on her face, internally unable to comprehend the word happiness.

She spent her days searching for her next bought of hateful high.  

Finding security in the worlds insecurities, serenity in the most dreadful of locations. 

She spent most of her days perfecting her manipulation skills, crafting her sarcasm, and brushing up on her acting.

For the world would never come to know the real her.

A mischievous smirk formed in the mirror daily , as she secures her mask tightly. 




P.s.  Ever meet a personality so conflicted, so tainted that the rooms temperature shifted as soon as they walked in? A once gleeful environment quickly rises to an uncomfortable level of sadness, despair, and fear. All as they slid through the room with a smile. No one knowing their true nature. Sadly it’s hard to pinpoint with people like these where the problem actually lies since the sadness is always buried so deeply. Always remember to believe half of what you see, none of what you hear, and a hundred percent of what you feel. Happy Tuesday Guys!



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