Silent Validation


He knew it was me all along. 

The one he danced with in a past life, his old wife.


We met again centuries later, but it was different now. He was famous. 


We met under the bright lights of his fame, but his internal light shone brighter.

I recognized his soul, unfamiliar with his new ego.

I noticed him watching me from across the room. In deep contemplation.

He was hoping to decipher my intentions and break down my being. Like an antenna in a wild storm, searching for the truth. But he couldn’t, unlike the rest. I was very different. 

He tried his hardest to forget.

He incessantly questioned why it was so hard. 


In my presence his spirit danced like star diamonds in the darkest country night sky. He feared me, as nervousness set in.

I was his dream, but unfitting to his nightmare lifestyle.

He felt exposed in my company, a naked bond, a feeling so unfamiliar.


He was everything I craved. confident, strong, handsome as can be. So flawless in his speech. I was a reflection of him, as he was a reflection of me. I filled in the missing pieces, his muse. I came along to inspire the depth he lacked, teaching him how to connect with his spirit.

He loved me, secretly. 



He speaks to me through a mute language, a telepathic dreamily dialect.

Silently stealing a glimpse of my glide, a whiff of my perfume, and a touch of my auric light, any chance he got.

He feels a high in my presence, an invincible feeling.

But he can’t love me, although he already does.

He can’t marry me, although he has before.

He wishes he could tell me, but I already know. He’s a mate to my soul. A warm golden glow in each other’s aura.

I understand him more than he’ll ever know.

I came to sooth the fears, numb the nagging sadness, and lessen the lingering loneliness.

Discreetly, without language. 

No need for the physical, I prefer the nonverbal. 

 Silent validation. 

P.S. When the whole universe conspires together to constantly bring you near one another. When inspiration and passion ignite in the others presence, unleashing a new deeper level of yourself, without a single verbal validation. When the attraction is on every level.

Pay attention.

You’re finally home.

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