Poetry Sessions: Visitation Hours

I walked in to the dimly lit room where I lie.

Soft meditative violins playing faintly in the background.

I heard creaks from the floor boards echo under my feet in our old apartment home.

I walk up to the small toddler bed.

There I lie, an innocent child.

I whisper softly to me.

Hoping to get through mentally without startling.

“Hey you, want to know a secret?”

I say kneeling down next to me.

“The people around you. The ones you so desperately believe.

No one gets it. Everyone’s just winging it, hoping to land on their feet.”

“The most important life lesson is that you

are enough, you are deserving.

The limitations around you, are nonexistent. It’s all a mentality, so easily changed.

The only person able to degrade and disrespect you is yourself.

This reality is yours, any pain felt take responsibility for it.

When the world asks you to point the blame elsewhere.

Tell them you will never be a victim to outer circumstances.

You created the conditions that trip you up.

The fears that hold you back.

The negative self talk that you have become so accustomed to.

The best part of it all.

You can change your point of attraction and bring it back in to alignment anytime.”

“Oh sweet gentle child, so close to god, hearing the angelic calls so easily.

Preserve that innocence, keep that connection strong.

For that will become your life line when life knocks you down.

Just ring up your higher self, ask it to steer the wheel, ask it to drive you to the destinations you feign to feel.

Everything you fear, just silence that unfamiliar voice and steer clear.

All you need is the here and now, to hear and know.

The present.

The truth.”

The truth?

Everything is an illusion.

The expectations held for you by others.

The things they deem impossible, so possibly attainable.

The dark energy they direct your way, hoping to dim your light. It’s all an illusion. Most hope to drag you to the pits of insecurity and misery. Needing a visitor at their lonely estate.

You are better than that.

So powerful in your weakest state.

When you wake in the morning, please redirect your self -talk.

Be gentle with yourself. Repeat after me.

I am an allow(er)

I allow you to speak

I allow you to seek

I allow you to see

I allow you to be

I have no desire to control others, nor interfere with their choice.

I support my passions, and encourage my voice.

I am an experiencer of joy.

I came here to experience the highs

To appreciate the falls

With the absence of blaming others.


Dear Me,

Please do as you feel, never feeling the need to explain.

Although with different missions, they’re all leading to the same place.

I am a creator of my own reality.

I choose to only see wellbeing.

All fears are laughable.

Rejection a repellent from paths that were never mine. So never mind them.

Silver linings outline the circumference of my earth.

Emit the frequencies you desire to receive.

Be the person you inspire to retrieve.

Only speak positivity’s that encourage others to be free.

I am freely, me.

I am an allow(er)

I am a creator.

I am an experiencer.

I am a lover.

I am deserving.

I am enough.

“As you wake, let this become your most dominant self- talk.”

I say, before quickly vanishing back in to the future.

PS. Ever wish you could go back and have a conversation with your younger self? If I could speak to mine, these would be my exact words.







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