Poetry Sessions: 11/11

Mommy!” I tearfully called out. 

I know what you’re thinking. 

“Why your son? why now? Why ever?” 

I was always a good kid, I was cleaver. 

Light hearted, comical, and empathetic. 

The actions of those people, pathetic!

Why can’t you hear me? See me? Feel me?

Please listen to me, don’t cry, dry your eyes.

My existence will move the world, take it all in stride. 

I was born on a special day. 

November eleven. 

Synchronized numbers symbolizing my connection to heaven. 

The weather was plagued with severe tornados, foreshadowing my untimely, horrific departure. 

I know you’re angry at the actions of those souls.

But we had a contract to fulfill with god. 

The importance is rarely in how we come, but how we go.

I had to leave tragically.

Because tragedy pierces through the thickened, desensitized skins of the masses. 

Mommy, I came to change the world. 

Don’t cry, please dry your eyes. 

Just take it all in stride. 

Because of me the world is forced to shift, forced to see. 

Because of me blinded eyes were given the gift of harsh vision.

Because of me, deafened ears were plagued with the sudden burden of polluted noise. 

Because of me the hidden dangers of the underserved communities were brought to the forefront. 

Now the nation is forced to brutally witness our sad realities, hearing our silenced grunts

     Just envision mommy!

Just imagine. 

Imagine a world where people had to think , and take accountability for every action.

Imagine a population overtaken with more empathy and less reaction.  

Imagine love being a first instinct, Instead of jealousy. 

Imagine hate being so foreign and the extinction of envy. 

Mommy, I know that it momentarily seems far fetched, that your youngest son had a mission so grand. 

One day when we meet again, I’ll show you the changes I’ve started. 

The domino effect my death has created. 

 The compassion it has reinstated 

Then you’ll understand why I couldn’t stay. 

My tragedy wasn’t easy, but needed.

Angels told me that “God only gave his toughest battles to his toughest soliders.” 

and I’m undefeated!

        keep in mind mommy, everything happens for a reason. 

I forgive those souls, and one day you will too. 

Countless fools roam the globe, but it takes one fool to start a move.

Well movement, but you understand what I meant. 

            I was an enlightened being, here to shine light in the darkest,

most neglected corners.


    I’m no longer in physical form. 

Although it goes against the preconceived norm.

I want everyone to accept the reality of death.

I’m still here, more than ever. 

Still witty, still charming, still clever.

I feel for the loved ones I’ve left behind, to stay back in a society so blind.

I send my condolences to you all, rest assured you are even stronger than I.

You will feel me near, whenever you call. 

I’ve reemerged back in to the non physical, the only ingredient of my soul being pure love.

I am home.

I linger above.

So, Mommy dry your eyes, try to take it all in stride. 

The world will eternally scream your sons name.

In more ways than one,

I’m still alive! 

P.S. This poem is dedicated to Lesandro Guzman Feliz  (Junior)

The 15 year old Bronx native that was taken so tragically. 

I had a dream, where he called out to his “Mommy” and this poem was born early that same morning.

He has been on my mind every day since I read his story. 

May his soul Rest In Peace, and his family understand the importance of their sons untimely death. I see a change in the worlds empathy levels, and one day I hope that his family finds the same understanding, and love that Junior has helped the world open their hearts to.

    May you rest in heavenly sleep Junior.


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