Poetry Sessions: Pet Peeves

Time wasted, 

slow paced,

Being forced to deal with things my soul can’t resonate with.

I can’t relate with.

I’m disdained, living in a world filled with do as I says, not as I do’s.

The hypocritical, stereo typical 

People living figuratively, but screaming LITERAL. 

Speaking of literal, why do people use the word so frivolously, rarely meaning it literally, people can be so silly. 

Noise polluted environments,

Aching my clairaudient ears

More violence

less tolerance  

as we shift on in years.

I envy the blind,

Resentful of the deaf.

Craving silence in a civilization built on overwhelm.

Now let’s talk about the selfish.

over crowding the selfless.

I despise those kinds with a passion.

Irrationally speaking out of context, never citing their sources, with out any fact checks.

Identical crowds, lacking uniqueness searching for Waldo without a clue.

expecting better treatment then they give out.

people can be such fools. 

Judgmental ignorance crowds my conscience. 

Speaking from a place of unjust imbalance.

No Chemistry, No science. 

Can we add up the depth and subtract the shallow.

Equally respectful of all that follow, multiplying the love, dividing the hallow 

Belittling folks, usually are the smallest in the room.

Not in size

Not in height

But in the way they view you. 

Distorted vision usually stem from within.

So no matter how tall, how wide, how grand another’s accomplishments are.

The belittling fool will never see near, nor far. 

Their vision so cloudy, Opticians dance in glee.

Excited about the million that can be accumulated, at the lack of foresight in he. 

The strongest prescription.

The clearest contacts.

Irrelevant on the pupils of the belittling fool with inner lack.

Miracles needed to bring that vision back. 

My greatest pet peeve being the materialistic shrew.

Swimming in misery. 

 No substance, no inner love, Gucci’d down to the socks.

Broke in spirit, but plenty of money in stocks 

Interim highs after every purchase.

Chasing fluctuating style, fashions, and fad, 

Never counting a blessing, but shining light on all the bad. 

Materialistic misery is by far the most empty.

When your soul holds no weight,

Always in a low spiritual state,

Living for the next high, what a waste of a life so perfectly placed.

Built an existence overflowing with goodies, top notch, all luxurious things. 

Money brought plenty of peace 

But Happiness it will never bring. 

P.S. We all have things we dislike about people, and the world. Here are my pet peeves. Happy Wednesday Y’all. 

P.S.S. If you don’t really mean it “literally” please don’t use the word frivolously. I meant that line wholeheartedly lol. Thank you! 

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