Child Too Much

As a child I was never enough, always too much.

Too much rebellion not enough conformity.

I couldn’t bring myself to pretend to believe.

I was too much of me.

My ethics, my morals, my opinions were just too much intact.

I came to earth as a light worker, a star seed to be exact.

Ready to risk it all for the love of self and others.

 I was too much planted in that.

Soulfully knowing how draining this incarnation would be, but I was ok with that.

I was empathetic, feeling the sadness and despair in others.

I was too much connected. 

I asked too many questions, allergic to most of the info force fed to the rest of the world.

I was too much of a seeker.

I treated every one with respect, never as if they were benethe or above me.

I was too much of an equal.

Belief meant to me the freedom to believe in whatever.

Not a set of rules forced upon me, from an ancestor or an authoritative figure.

I was too much of a free spirit.

A person of power, was against my personal believe system.

How can another have power over a limitless being such as I.

Everything I did, I did in excess.

Excessive day dreamer.

Excessively stubborn to outside opinion. 

Excessively optimistic. 

Excessively  manifested, attracting everything with little to no exertion needed.

I was too much of a black sheep.

My faith in my own personal freedom and power was unshakable, and people around me could feel it.

Many are used to JUST RIGHT human beings.

But I..

 I was child too much.


PS. This poem is dedicated to all the children who were told 
that they were either too much, or not enough. May we heal 
that inner child, and continue to shake down the stereotypes.
Heres to finding solace in being "child too much"  

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