I’ve had my fair share
Of the fair weathered
although a moon child.
I fell in love with the sun.

Negotiating with the stars for a sign.

What’s the reason why?

Manipulating my guides to pass along the message, growing impatient inside.

Wishing onto the skies,
Past lives flash by, and go on.
Promises that like the Phoenix, we too shall rise. 

Glimpses of past romance on other planes.
oh what a surprise! My beautiful angel materialized.

If stood face to face.
I’m sure he’d realize
we’ve met before
In another time.
In another place

Almost in my grasp, but he was too attached.
Attached to the flesh.
Attached to past karmic debts.
Attached to a facade, his spirit beckons him to forget.

Fate did it’s duty.

It’s brought him to me.

As his will is free, I hope at the end he chooses me.




I wish I had a deep and meaningful quote to add to this piece, but the truth is, it is now 3:33 AM, and I awoke with these words running through my subconscious mind. Sometimes its as if I dream in poetry. Anyway I wrote them down, and they sounded decent lol. Not my finest, most well thought out poem, but I figured since I haven’t been inspired enough to write in awhile, jotting this down wouldn’t hurt lol. I guess if I HAD to attach a subliminal message to this piece, id say….If given a golden opportunity, use your free will mindfully! destiny might be at your door, but won’t stick around too long. Heal, meditate, do whatever it takes to connect to the all knowing aspect of your being, so that the “will that is free” is used beautifully, as your soul intended it to be.

Well would you look at that! I had a deep and meaningful quote in me after all! lol. For my night owls, who’s creativity peaks late at night…. ENJOY.


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