When you find yourself on the side of majority. it is time to pause and reflect.”

-Mark Twain 

I took a step, doubled back then took a left. I thought I was right. When the majority is on your side, you know you’re living a lie. For the blacks sheep’s, are the only alive. The only ones that’s die with pride. 

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they are being fooled.”

– Mark Twain 

From years of school, to governmental rules, living in today’s society is a game of fools. One fool, two fool, who’s easiest to manipulate? You fool! The one accepting defeat without lifting his feet. The one regurgitating the news, allowing their propaganda and mind control to affects his views. 

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

-Mark Twain 

Spoken boldly yet blinder than Keller. Deafer than the clinically mute. Frozen clones programmed to compute. Once an update is stalled, they rerun the old programming, only able to go as far as the system allows. I call that death in disguise, because the body’s still breathing, but the mind is no longer alive. Education is found outside of a room, and learning begins when you graduate from school. 

Only a fool can be controlled. We are no longer fools. 

P.S. I kept running in to a couple of my favorite Mark Twain quotes all week, and every time i’d hear one I have a habit of adding on to it lol.

It seems sometimes that only a fool wins at this game of life. You’re only acceptable when a society of the INSANE, deem you as SANE. Where does that leave us? usually silent. Sometimes I wonder if ignorance is actually bliss. The ignorant are the happiest. Regardless of the majorities rule, continue to be different, be original and in this time of uncertainty, pause and reflect. Whats important? YOU ARE. Happy Friday y’all! 

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